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Graphics and visuals are the key elements for a detailed analysis of any subject. May it be a class lesson for a student or it may be a high profiled research report infographics has become an integral part to deeper understanding and knowledge. These visual illustrations present information in ways that it becomes easier to grab by human mind. They transform complex ideas into information that is easy to understand, simple and enjoyable. High quality infographics are essential for all businesses, regardless of their size. Infographics convey your business's information in ways that are cleverly, unique and unapologetic.

How Infographics Work

  • Human beings are highly visual creations. 50% of peoples’ brains are used for visual processing with 70% of sensory receptors located in their eyes.
  • As visual creatures, people can digest visual information faster than text. It only takes them one-tenth (1/10) of a second to make sense of any visual scene. They’ll also remember only 20% of the text they read.
  • People have naturally short attention spans. If you don’t get their attention in the first few seconds of seeing your content – they’ll move on. You can get their attention through great visuals.
  • Infographics present information through easy-to-understand and self-explanatory graphics of almost any topic from whatever business or industry there is.

The Benefits of Using Infographics in your Business

  • You can get your message across to your targeted audiences and create brand awareness through the very appealing and user-friendly visual representation of data – complete with your logo, website and contact information.
  • You can create even bigger and more viral brand awareness as people naturally love to share, tweet or repost visual content that they like – that your Infographics can supply.
  • Infographics provide step-by-step instructions or problem-solving guides that can establish your business as an expert or a go-to resource for relevant information.
  • Infographics are very effective tools to illustrate the unique selling properties of your products and services in a manner that would be easier to understand, appreciated and remembered by your targeted customers.

When to Use Infographics

  • Simplifying a complicated concept
  • Highlight data sets or statistics
  • Showcase survey results
  • Explain ideas, processes or mechanics
  • Explain ideas, processes or mechanics
  • Provide geographic or demographic context
  • When it is difficult to understand the information in written form?

Infographic Development with NEXT eBIZ

Our team has years of experience creating Infographics for just about every type of business, including a long list of fortune companies.

We utilize a multi-step process that has proven extremely effective in making sure you are provided high quality deliverables that are geared to not only look great, but also help you accomplish your marketing goals

Here are a number of the elements we incorporate in our Infographic offering:

  • Easy, client-based process
  • Quick turnaround
  • Quick turnaround
  • Competitive pricing
  • Produced to resonate with your target market