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Press Release Distribution is key to embarking on your website before the correct audience.

Press Release Submission to 50+ PR websites, Google News, Yahoo News, and Group Web Network enables you to reach Global, National and Local News, and over 5,000 online news sites, databases, intranets and extranets. NEXT eBIZ can help your company to gain very high presence using these press releases at your relevant areas.

Press releases have been around for many years, but are just now being applied in the internet-marketing world. Today, submitting press releases over the internet is the most innovative way in which to increase your search engine ranking, gain increase online visibility for your website, and unique visitors that will total up to more sales. NEXT eBIZ 's press release optimization and submission service are planned to maximize the visibility of your press release in the news search engines and media databases. Making sure your press release is keyword searchable for the best search terms in your niche or industry is critical to its winner. Another aspect of content distribution is blog writing services which is getting very efficient these days. We analyze your release and optimize it around key search terms that increase your chances of being noticed by boosting your visibility online, and provide network distribution and technical enhancements. This ensures that your departure is both high caliber and high profile.

Quality press releases that are submitted according to industry guidelines get results. Full stop. Press attention translates into orders, and orders translate to increased profits for your commercial enterprise! Simply being exposed to a wider audience automatically increases your online visibility, and reaches you more likely to win.

Proper press release distribution is key to getting your release before the correct consultation. Our service deliberately chooses from the top outlets available to construct sure your release is submitted to the best locales.

We will put forward your release to a variety of media contacts that we hand pick as being relevant to your product or service. Such situations may include online resources and internet publications.

Key Features

  • Professionally written Press Release up to 1000 words in a news format.
  • Press releases will be based on your services/products.
  • Include high resolution image / photo in your press release.
  • Fast, accurate and reliable service.
  • Press Release is optimized and is Search engine friendly.
  • Include up to 3 Keywords in Press release.

Advantage of Press Release

  • Boosts your site's Ranking in Search Engines.
  • Helps gain increased online visibility for your website.
  • Increases high quality back links to your site.
  • Increases your product sales.
  • Helps to make your pages crawled easily by major search engines.
  • Finally, a press release will increase your link popularity, online visibility and sales!
NEXT eBIZ 's diverse workforce, proven processes, and investment in current authoring tools and IT infrastructure offer the funding you require, from one-time projects to complete outsourcing solutions.

A professional press release puts your company in the spotlight. Use our quality writers to highlight your key milestones.

We write press releases that get respect. We understand the format you’re looking for and deliver a professional product.

Show the World Why You're Different

People care about companies that are different. How are you different from your competitors? Showcase what makes you unique and, ultimately, better by telling your story through a press release. Buy press releases from proven writers who understand how to present your company in the best light possible.

How Are You Helping People?

Use a press release to tell the public how you're helping people. Financial milestones can be interesting, but, in the end, we're all human beings with an emotional side to us. To truly capture the public's attention, tell a story that hits home and really shows how you help people (or businesses) overcome their problems. Buy press releases from writers that can position your company as a meaningful business that is truly making a difference.

Add that Professional Touch

A good press release has the right tone and follows some basic formatting guidelines. Our writers understand best practices for writing press releases, giving your company a professional look and feel. Don't settle for amateur press releases. Buy press releases that impress and build trust.