Lifesum iOS App – Lifestyle tracker & Calorie Counter

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April 12, 2015
May 17, 2015

Lifesum iOS App – Lifestyle tracker & Calorie Counter

The Lifesum app for Apple Watch makes it easy to make healthy choices throughout the day. You’ll be able to use simple tracking to log meals, water, and exercise, you’ll get tips, reminders and exercise suggestions, and you’ll be able to see each day’s activity at a glance.

Lifesum coaches you to track what you eat and your exercise every day. It helps you to make better food choices and improve your habits. The app is perfect if you want to lose weight, control your daily food habits or if you work out a lot and need to optimise your nutritional intakes.

1) Create your health profile and set your goal. The app will estimate the date where you will reach it!

2) Track what you eat using the built-in barcode scanner or search. The Lifesum database contains millions of items with complete nutritional values for you to choose from. The app also remembers what you eat to help you track super fast.

3) Track your exercises by choosing activity form and duration. Lifesum is also connected to activity monitor apps like Runkeeper and Moves to automatically help you measure your activity.

4) Use the Life circle to follow your tracking and let it guide you every day. When your circle turns green you have had a good day.

5) Follow your progress towards your goal with charts and summaries. Get healthier and happier.

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